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Eurocypria Airlines

Website description provided by the Open Directory:
Subdivision of Cyprus Airways, offering scheduled and charter services throughout Europe.
[Website: www.eurocypria.com/]

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Eurocypria Airlines flies directly between the following airports.
Departing: Arriving:
Dresden Airport (DRS), Dresden, GermanyPaphos (PFO), Paphos, Cyprus
Dresden Airport (DRS), Dresden, GermanyLarnaca (LCA), Larnaca, Cyprus
Thalerhof Airport (GRZ), Graz, AustriaLarnaca (LCA), Larnaca, Cyprus
Hannover Langenhagen (HAJ), Hanover, GermanyPaphos (PFO), Paphos, Cyprus
Heraklion (HER), Heraklion, GreeceLarnaca (LCA), Larnaca, Cyprus
Humberside Airport (HUY), Humberside, United KingdomLarnaca (LCA), Larnaca, Cyprus
Larnaca (LCA), Larnaca, CyprusPulkovo Airport (LED), St Petersburg, Russia
Larnaca (LCA), Larnaca, CyprusHumberside Airport (HUY), Humberside, United Kingdom
Larnaca (LCA), Larnaca, CyprusNuremberg (NUE), Nuremberg, Germany
Larnaca (LCA), Larnaca, CyprusLeipzig (LEJ), Leipzig, Germany
Larnaca (LCA), Larnaca, CyprusDresden Airport (DRS), Dresden, Germany
Larnaca (LCA), Larnaca, CyprusHeraklion (HER), Heraklion, Greece
Larnaca (LCA), Larnaca, CyprusMunich (MUC), Munich, Germany
Larnaca (LCA), Larnaca, CyprusManchester (MAN), Manchester, United Kingdom
Larnaca (LCA), Larnaca, CyprusSalzburg (SZG), Salzburg, Austria
Larnaca (LCA), Larnaca, CyprusLondon Gatwick (LGW), London, United Kingdom
Larnaca (LCA), Larnaca, CyprusBerlin Schonefeld (SXF), Berlin, Germany
Larnaca (LCA), Larnaca, CyprusThalerhof Airport (GRZ), Graz, Austria
Pulkovo Airport (LED), St Petersburg, RussiaLarnaca (LCA), Larnaca, Cyprus
Pulkovo Airport (LED), St Petersburg, RussiaPaphos (PFO), Paphos, Cyprus
Leipzig (LEJ), Leipzig, GermanyLarnaca (LCA), Larnaca, Cyprus
Leipzig (LEJ), Leipzig, GermanyPaphos (PFO), Paphos, Cyprus
London Gatwick (LGW), London, United KingdomLarnaca (LCA), Larnaca, Cyprus
Manchester (MAN), Manchester, United KingdomLarnaca (LCA), Larnaca, Cyprus
Munich (MUC), Munich, GermanyPaphos (PFO), Paphos, Cyprus
Munich (MUC), Munich, GermanyLarnaca (LCA), Larnaca, Cyprus
Newcastle (NCL), Newcastle, United KingdomPaphos (PFO), Paphos, Cyprus
Nuremberg (NUE), Nuremberg, GermanyLarnaca (LCA), Larnaca, Cyprus
Norwich Airport (NWI), Norwich, United KingdomPaphos (PFO), Paphos, Cyprus
Paphos (PFO), Paphos, CyprusNewcastle (NCL), Newcastle, United Kingdom
Paphos (PFO), Paphos, CyprusEchterdingen (STR), Stuttgart, Germany
Paphos (PFO), Paphos, CyprusNorwich Airport (NWI), Norwich, United Kingdom
Paphos (PFO), Paphos, CyprusHannover Langenhagen (HAJ), Hanover, Germany
Paphos (PFO), Paphos, CyprusMunich (MUC), Munich, Germany
Paphos (PFO), Paphos, CyprusDresden Airport (DRS), Dresden, Germany
Paphos (PFO), Paphos, CyprusPulkovo Airport (LED), St Petersburg, Russia
Paphos (PFO), Paphos, CyprusLeipzig (LEJ), Leipzig, Germany
Paphos (PFO), Paphos, CyprusBerlin Schonefeld (SXF), Berlin, Germany
Echterdingen (STR), Stuttgart, GermanyPaphos (PFO), Paphos, Cyprus
Berlin Schonefeld (SXF), Berlin, GermanyPaphos (PFO), Paphos, Cyprus
Berlin Schonefeld (SXF), Berlin, GermanyLarnaca (LCA), Larnaca, Cyprus
Salzburg (SZG), Salzburg, AustriaLarnaca (LCA), Larnaca, Cyprus
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