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Air Baltic

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Air Baltic flies directly between the following airports.
Departing: Arriving:
Aalborg (AAL), Aalborg, DenmarkRiga (RIX), Riga, Latvia
Aarhus Tirstrup (AAR), Aarhus, DenmarkRiga (RIX), Riga, Latvia
Helsingborg Airport (AGH), Angelholm/Helsingborg, SwedenRiga (RIX), Riga, Latvia
Malaga (AGP), Malaga, SpainRiga (RIX), Riga, Latvia
Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS), Amsterdam, NetherlandsTallinn Airport (TLL), Tallinn, Estonia
Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS), Amsterdam, NetherlandsVilnius (VNO), Vilnius, Lithuania
Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS), Amsterdam, NetherlandsRiga (RIX), Riga, Latvia
Stockholm Arlanda (ARN), Stockholm, SwedenTallinn Airport (TLL), Tallinn, Estonia
Stockholm Arlanda (ARN), Stockholm, SwedenVilnius (VNO), Vilnius, Lithuania
Stockholm Arlanda (ARN), Stockholm, SwedenRiga (RIX), Riga, Latvia
Eleftherios Venizelos (ATH), Athens, GreeceVilnius (VNO), Vilnius, Lithuania
Eleftherios Venizelos (ATH), Athens, GreeceRiga (RIX), Riga, Latvia
Barcelona (BCN), Barcelona, SpainVilnius (VNO), Vilnius, Lithuania
Barcelona (BCN), Barcelona, SpainRiga (RIX), Riga, Latvia
Bergen (BGO), Bergen, NorwayRiga (RIX), Riga, Latvia
Bergamo (BGY), Milan, ItalyTallinn Airport (TLL), Tallinn, Estonia
Bergamo (BGY), Milan, ItalyRiga (RIX), Riga, Latvia
Birmingham (BHX), Birmingham, United KingdomVilnius (VNO), Vilnius, Lithuania
Birmingham (BHX), Birmingham, United KingdomRiga (RIX), Riga, Latvia
Bilbao (BIO), Bilbao, SpainRiga (RIX), Riga, Latvia
Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Don Muang International Airport (BKK), Bangkok, ThailandRiga (RIX), Riga, Latvia
Billund (BLL), Billund, DenmarkMinsk International 2 Airport (MSQ), Minsk, Belarus
Billund (BLL), Billund, DenmarkRiga (RIX), Riga, Latvia
Bologna (BLQ), Bologna, ItalyVilnius (VNO), Vilnius, Lithuania
Bologna (BLQ), Bologna, ItalyRiga (RIX), Riga, Latvia
Brussels (BRU), Brussels, BelgiumTallinn Airport (TLL), Tallinn, Estonia
Brussels (BRU), Brussels, BelgiumVilnius (VNO), Vilnius, Lithuania
Brussels (BRU), Brussels, BelgiumRiga (RIX), Riga, Latvia
Budapest (BUD), Budapest, HungaryRiga (RIX), Riga, Latvia
Charles de Gaulle (CDG), Paris, FranceTallinn Airport (TLL), Tallinn, Estonia
Charles de Gaulle (CDG), Paris, FranceVilnius (VNO), Vilnius, Lithuania
Charles de Gaulle (CDG), Paris, FranceRiga (RIX), Riga, Latvia
Cologne Airport (CGN), Cologne, GermanyRiga (RIX), Riga, Latvia
Copenhagen (CPH), Copenhagen, DenmarkTallinn Airport (TLL), Tallinn, Estonia
Copenhagen (CPH), Copenhagen, DenmarkMinsk International 2 Airport (MSQ), Minsk, Belarus
Copenhagen (CPH), Copenhagen, DenmarkRiga (RIX), Riga, Latvia
Dublin (DUB), Dublin, IrelandTallinn Airport (TLL), Tallinn, Estonia
Dublin (DUB), Dublin, IrelandVilnius (VNO), Vilnius, Lithuania
Dublin (DUB), Dublin, IrelandRiga (RIX), Riga, Latvia
Dusseldorf (DUS), Dusseldorf, GermanyVilnius (VNO), Vilnius, Lithuania
Dusseldorf (DUS), Dusseldorf, GermanyRiga (RIX), Riga, Latvia
Edinburgh (EDI), Edinburgh, United KingdomRiga (RIX), Riga, Latvia
New York Newark (EWR), Newark NJ, United StatesVilnius (VNO), Vilnius, Lithuania
New York Newark (EWR), Newark NJ, United StatesRiga (RIX), Riga, Latvia
Rome (FCO), Rome, ItalyRiga (RIX), Riga, Latvia
Frankfurt (FRA), Frankfurt, GermanyTallinn Airport (TLL), Tallinn, Estonia
Frankfurt (FRA), Frankfurt, GermanyRiga (RIX), Riga, Latvia
Gdansk (GDN), Gdansk, PolandVilnius (VNO), Vilnius, Lithuania
Gdansk (GDN), Gdansk, PolandRiga (RIX), Riga, Latvia
Gothenburg (GOT), Gothenburg, SwedenVilnius (VNO), Vilnius, Lithuania
Gothenburg (GOT), Gothenburg, SwedenRiga (RIX), Riga, Latvia
Cointrin (GVA), Geneva, SwitzerlandVilnius (VNO), Vilnius, Lithuania
Cointrin (GVA), Geneva, SwitzerlandRiga (RIX), Riga, Latvia
Hannover Langenhagen (HAJ), Hanover, GermanyVilnius (VNO), Vilnius, Lithuania
Hannover Langenhagen (HAJ), Hanover, GermanyRiga (RIX), Riga, Latvia
Hamburg (HAM), Hamburg, GermanyTallinn Airport (TLL), Tallinn, Estonia
Hamburg (HAM), Hamburg, GermanyHelsinki (HEL), Helsinki, Finland
Hamburg (HAM), Hamburg, GermanyRiga (RIX), Riga, Latvia
Helsinki (HEL), Helsinki, FinlandMinsk International 2 Airport (MSQ), Minsk, Belarus
Helsinki (HEL), Helsinki, FinlandHamburg (HAM), Hamburg, Germany
Helsinki (HEL), Helsinki, FinlandMoscow Sheremetievo (SVO), Moscow, Russia
Helsinki (HEL), Helsinki, FinlandRiga (RIX), Riga, Latvia
Helsinki (HEL), Helsinki, FinlandVienna (VIE), Vienna, Austria
Helsinki (HEL), Helsinki, FinlandVilnius (VNO), Vilnius, Lithuania
Helsinki (HEL), Helsinki, FinlandBoryspil (KBP), Kiev, Ukraine
Helsinki (HEL), Helsinki, FinlandRiga (RIX), Riga, Latvia
Dulles (IAD), Washington DC, United StatesRiga (RIX), Riga, Latvia
Ibiza (IBZ), Ibiza, SpainRiga (RIX), Riga, Latvia
Ataturk (IST), Istanbul, TurkeyRiga (RIX), Riga, Latvia
Boryspil (KBP), Kiev, UkraineTallinn Airport (TLL), Tallinn, Estonia
Boryspil (KBP), Kiev, UkraineHelsinki (HEL), Helsinki, Finland
Boryspil (KBP), Kiev, UkraineRiga (RIX), Riga, Latvia
Kalmar Airport (KLR), Kalmar, SwedenRiga (RIX), Riga, Latvia
J. Paul Ii Balice International Airport (KRK), Krakow, PolandRiga (RIX), Riga, Latvia
Kiruna Airport (KRN), Kiruna, SwedenRiga (RIX), Riga, Latvia
Karlstad Airport (KSD), Karlstad, SwedenRiga (RIX), Riga, Latvia
Kuopio Airport (KUO), Kuopio, FinlandVilnius (VNO), Vilnius, Lithuania
Kuopio Airport (KUO), Kuopio, FinlandRiga (RIX), Riga, Latvia
Pulkovo Airport (LED), St Petersburg, RussiaMinsk International 2 Airport (MSQ), Minsk, Belarus
Pulkovo Airport (LED), St Petersburg, RussiaRiga (RIX), Riga, Latvia
London Gatwick (LGW), London, United KingdomTallinn Airport (TLL), Tallinn, Estonia
London Gatwick (LGW), London, United KingdomVilnius (VNO), Vilnius, Lithuania
London Gatwick (LGW), London, United KingdomRiga (RIX), Riga, Latvia
Heathrow (LHR), London, United KingdomRiga (RIX), Riga, Latvia
Kallax Airport (LLA), Lulea, SwedenRiga (RIX), Riga, Latvia
Barajas (MAD), Madrid, SpainVilnius (VNO), Vilnius, Lithuania
Barajas (MAD), Madrid, SpainRiga (RIX), Riga, Latvia
Manchester (MAN), Manchester, United KingdomTallinn Airport (TLL), Tallinn, Estonia
Manchester (MAN), Manchester, United KingdomVilnius (VNO), Vilnius, Lithuania
Manchester (MAN), Manchester, United KingdomRiga (RIX), Riga, Latvia
Sturup Airport (MMX), Malmo, SwedenRiga (RIX), Riga, Latvia
Minsk International 2 Airport (MSQ), Minsk, BelarusNew Orleans Airport (MSY), New Orleans LA, United States
Minsk International 2 Airport (MSQ), Minsk, BelarusBillund (BLL), Billund, Denmark
Minsk International 2 Airport (MSQ), Minsk, BelarusCopenhagen (CPH), Copenhagen, Denmark
Minsk International 2 Airport (MSQ), Minsk, BelarusHelsinki (HEL), Helsinki, Finland
Minsk International 2 Airport (MSQ), Minsk, BelarusOslo Gardermoen (OSL), Oslo, Norway
Minsk International 2 Airport (MSQ), Minsk, BelarusRiga (RIX), Riga, Latvia
Minsk International 2 Airport (MSQ), Minsk, BelarusPulkovo Airport (LED), St Petersburg, Russia
Minsk International 2 Airport (MSQ), Minsk, BelarusSola Airport (SVG), Stavanger, Norway
Minsk International 2 Airport (MSQ), Minsk, BelarusTallinn Airport (TLL), Tallinn, Estonia
Minsk International 2 Airport (MSQ), Minsk, BelarusRiga (RIX), Riga, Latvia
New Orleans Airport (MSY), New Orleans LA, United StatesMinsk International 2 Airport (MSQ), Minsk, Belarus
Munich (MUC), Munich, GermanyVilnius (VNO), Vilnius, Lithuania
Munich (MUC), Munich, GermanyRiga (RIX), Riga, Latvia
Milan Malpensa (MXP), Milan, ItalyVilnius (VNO), Vilnius, Lithuania
Milan Malpensa (MXP), Milan, ItalyRiga (RIX), Riga, Latvia
Cote d Azur (NCE), Nice, FranceRiga (RIX), Riga, Latvia
Narita (NRT), Tokyo, JapanRiga (RIX), Riga, Latvia
Ornskoldsvik Airport (OER), Ornskoldsvik, SwedenRiga (RIX), Riga, Latvia
Chicago (ORD), Chicago IL, United StatesVilnius (VNO), Vilnius, Lithuania
Chicago (ORD), Chicago IL, United StatesRiga (RIX), Riga, Latvia
Froesoe Airport (OSD), Ostersund, SwedenRiga (RIX), Riga, Latvia
Oslo Gardermoen (OSL), Oslo, NorwayTallinn Airport (TLL), Tallinn, Estonia
Oslo Gardermoen (OSL), Oslo, NorwayMinsk International 2 Airport (MSQ), Minsk, Belarus
Oslo Gardermoen (OSL), Oslo, NorwayRiga (RIX), Riga, Latvia
Oulu Airport (OUL), Oulu, FinlandVilnius (VNO), Vilnius, Lithuania
Oulu Airport (OUL), Oulu, FinlandRiga (RIX), Riga, Latvia
Pico Island Airport (PIX), Pico Island, PortugalVilnius (VNO), Vilnius, Lithuania
Palanga Airport (PLQ), Palanga, LithuaniaRiga (RIX), Riga, Latvia
Palma Mallorca (PMI), Palma Mallorca, SpainRiga (RIX), Riga, Latvia
Poznan (POZ), Poznan, PolandRiga (RIX), Riga, Latvia
Riga (RIX), Riga, LatviaTallinn Airport (TLL), Tallinn, Estonia
Riga (RIX), Riga, LatviaMinsk International 2 Airport (MSQ), Minsk, Belarus
Riga (RIX), Riga, LatviaAalborg (AAL), Aalborg, Denmark
Riga (RIX), Riga, LatviaAarhus Tirstrup (AAR), Aarhus, Denmark
Riga (RIX), Riga, LatviaAmsterdam Schiphol (AMS), Amsterdam, Netherlands
Riga (RIX), Riga, LatviaHelsingborg Airport (AGH), Angelholm/Helsingborg, Sweden
Riga (RIX), Riga, LatviaEleftherios Venizelos (ATH), Athens, Greece
Riga (RIX), Riga, LatviaBangkok Suvarnabhumi Don Muang International Airport (BKK), Bangkok, Thailand
Riga (RIX), Riga, LatviaBarcelona (BCN), Barcelona, Spain
Riga (RIX), Riga, LatviaBergamo (BGY), Milan, Italy
Riga (RIX), Riga, LatviaBergen (BGO), Bergen, Norway
Riga (RIX), Riga, LatviaBerlin Tegel (TXL), Berlin, Germany
Riga (RIX), Riga, LatviaBilbao (BIO), Bilbao, Spain
Riga (RIX), Riga, LatviaBillund (BLL), Billund, Denmark
Riga (RIX), Riga, LatviaBirmingham (BHX), Birmingham, United Kingdom
Riga (RIX), Riga, LatviaBologna (BLQ), Bologna, Italy
Riga (RIX), Riga, LatviaBrussels (BRU), Brussels, Belgium
Riga (RIX), Riga, LatviaBudapest (BUD), Budapest, Hungary
Riga (RIX), Riga, LatviaChicago (ORD), Chicago IL, United States
Riga (RIX), Riga, LatviaCologne Airport (CGN), Cologne, Germany
Riga (RIX), Riga, LatviaCopenhagen (CPH), Copenhagen, Denmark
Riga (RIX), Riga, LatviaDublin (DUB), Dublin, Ireland
Riga (RIX), Riga, LatviaDusseldorf (DUS), Dusseldorf, Germany
Riga (RIX), Riga, LatviaEdinburgh (EDI), Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Riga (RIX), Riga, LatviaFrankfurt (FRA), Frankfurt, Germany
Riga (RIX), Riga, LatviaGdansk (GDN), Gdansk, Poland
Riga (RIX), Riga, LatviaCointrin (GVA), Geneva, Switzerland
Riga (RIX), Riga, LatviaGothenburg (GOT), Gothenburg, Sweden
Riga (RIX), Riga, LatviaHamburg (HAM), Hamburg, Germany
Riga (RIX), Riga, LatviaHannover Langenhagen (HAJ), Hanover, Germany
Riga (RIX), Riga, LatviaHelsinki (HEL), Helsinki, Finland
Riga (RIX), Riga, LatviaIbiza (IBZ), Ibiza, Spain
Riga (RIX), Riga, LatviaAtaturk (IST), Istanbul, Turkey
Riga (RIX), Riga, LatviaKalmar Airport (KLR), Kalmar, Sweden
Riga (RIX), Riga, LatviaKarlstad Airport (KSD), Karlstad, Sweden
Riga (RIX), Riga, LatviaBoryspil (KBP), Kiev, Ukraine
Riga (RIX), Riga, LatviaKiruna Airport (KRN), Kiruna, Sweden
Riga (RIX), Riga, LatviaJ. Paul Ii Balice International Airport (KRK), Krakow, Poland
Riga (RIX), Riga, LatviaKuopio Airport (KUO), Kuopio, Finland
Riga (RIX), Riga, LatviaLondon Gatwick (LGW), London, United Kingdom
Riga (RIX), Riga, LatviaHeathrow (LHR), London, United Kingdom
Riga (RIX), Riga, LatviaKallax Airport (LLA), Lulea, Sweden
Riga (RIX), Riga, LatviaBarajas (MAD), Madrid, Spain
Riga (RIX), Riga, LatviaMalaga (AGP), Malaga, Spain
Riga (RIX), Riga, LatviaSturup Airport (MMX), Malmo, Sweden
Riga (RIX), Riga, LatviaManchester (MAN), Manchester, United Kingdom
Riga (RIX), Riga, LatviaMilan Malpensa (MXP), Milan, Italy
Riga (RIX), Riga, LatviaMoscow Sheremetievo (SVO), Moscow, Russia
Riga (RIX), Riga, LatviaMunich (MUC), Munich, Germany
Riga (RIX), Riga, LatviaNew York Newark (EWR), Newark NJ, United States
Riga (RIX), Riga, LatviaCote d Azur (NCE), Nice, France
Riga (RIX), Riga, LatviaOrnskoldsvik Airport (OER), Ornskoldsvik, Sweden
Riga (RIX), Riga, LatviaOslo Gardermoen (OSL), Oslo, Norway
Riga (RIX), Riga, LatviaFroesoe Airport (OSD), Ostersund, Sweden
Riga (RIX), Riga, LatviaOulu Airport (OUL), Oulu, Finland
Riga (RIX), Riga, LatviaPalanga Airport (PLQ), Palanga, Lithuania
Riga (RIX), Riga, LatviaPalma Mallorca (PMI), Palma Mallorca, Spain
Riga (RIX), Riga, LatviaCharles de Gaulle (CDG), Paris, France
Riga (RIX), Riga, LatviaPoznan (POZ), Poznan, Poland
Riga (RIX), Riga, LatviaRome (FCO), Rome, Italy
Riga (RIX), Riga, LatviaKallinge Airport (RNB), Ronneby, Sweden
Riga (RIX), Riga, LatviaRovaniemi Airport (RVN), Rovaniemi, Finland
Riga (RIX), Riga, LatviaSeattle/tacoma International Airport (SEA), Seattle WA, United States
Riga (RIX), Riga, LatviaSingapore (SIN), Singapore, Singapore
Riga (RIX), Riga, LatviaPulkovo Airport (LED), St Petersburg, Russia
Riga (RIX), Riga, LatviaSola Airport (SVG), Stavanger, Norway
Riga (RIX), Riga, LatviaStockholm Arlanda (ARN), Stockholm, Sweden
Riga (RIX), Riga, LatviaEchterdingen (STR), Stuttgart, Germany
Riga (RIX), Riga, LatviaTamperePirkkala (TMP), Tampere, Finland
Riga (RIX), Riga, LatviaNarita (NRT), Tokyo, Japan
Riga (RIX), Riga, LatviaUmeaa Airport (UME), Umea, Sweden
Riga (RIX), Riga, LatviaVaasa Airport (VAA), Vaasa, Finland
Riga (RIX), Riga, LatviaVaxjo/urasa Airport (VXO), Vaxjo, Sweden
Riga (RIX), Riga, LatviaMarco Polo (VCE), Venice, Italy
Riga (RIX), Riga, LatviaVienna (VIE), Vienna, Austria
Riga (RIX), Riga, LatviaVilnius (VNO), Vilnius, Lithuania
Riga (RIX), Riga, LatviaWarsaw (WAW), Warsaw, Poland
Riga (RIX), Riga, LatviaDulles (IAD), Washington DC, United States
Riga (RIX), Riga, LatviaStrachowice Airport (WRO), Wroclaw, Poland
Riga (RIX), Riga, LatviaZurich (ZRH), Zurich, Switzerland
Riga (RIX), Riga, LatviaTallinn Airport (TLL), Tallinn, Estonia
Riga (RIX), Riga, LatviaMinsk International 2 Airport (MSQ), Minsk, Belarus
Kallinge Airport (RNB), Ronneby, SwedenRiga (RIX), Riga, Latvia
Rovaniemi Airport (RVN), Rovaniemi, FinlandVilnius (VNO), Vilnius, Lithuania
Rovaniemi Airport (RVN), Rovaniemi, FinlandRiga (RIX), Riga, Latvia
Seattle/tacoma International Airport (SEA), Seattle WA, United StatesVilnius (VNO), Vilnius, Lithuania
Seattle/tacoma International Airport (SEA), Seattle WA, United StatesRiga (RIX), Riga, Latvia
Singapore (SIN), Singapore, SingaporeRiga (RIX), Riga, Latvia
Echterdingen (STR), Stuttgart, GermanyVilnius (VNO), Vilnius, Lithuania
Echterdingen (STR), Stuttgart, GermanyRiga (RIX), Riga, Latvia
Sola Airport (SVG), Stavanger, NorwayMinsk International 2 Airport (MSQ), Minsk, Belarus
Sola Airport (SVG), Stavanger, NorwayRiga (RIX), Riga, Latvia
Moscow Sheremetievo (SVO), Moscow, RussiaTallinn Airport (TLL), Tallinn, Estonia
Moscow Sheremetievo (SVO), Moscow, RussiaHelsinki (HEL), Helsinki, Finland
Moscow Sheremetievo (SVO), Moscow, RussiaRiga (RIX), Riga, Latvia
Tallinn Airport (TLL), Tallinn, EstoniaAmsterdam Schiphol (AMS), Amsterdam, Netherlands
Tallinn Airport (TLL), Tallinn, EstoniaBergamo (BGY), Milan, Italy
Tallinn Airport (TLL), Tallinn, EstoniaBerlin Tegel (TXL), Berlin, Germany
Tallinn Airport (TLL), Tallinn, EstoniaBrussels (BRU), Brussels, Belgium
Tallinn Airport (TLL), Tallinn, EstoniaCopenhagen (CPH), Copenhagen, Denmark
Tallinn Airport (TLL), Tallinn, EstoniaDublin (DUB), Dublin, Ireland
Tallinn Airport (TLL), Tallinn, EstoniaFrankfurt (FRA), Frankfurt, Germany
Tallinn Airport (TLL), Tallinn, EstoniaHamburg (HAM), Hamburg, Germany
Tallinn Airport (TLL), Tallinn, EstoniaBoryspil (KBP), Kiev, Ukraine
Tallinn Airport (TLL), Tallinn, EstoniaLondon Gatwick (LGW), London, United Kingdom
Tallinn Airport (TLL), Tallinn, EstoniaManchester (MAN), Manchester, United Kingdom
Tallinn Airport (TLL), Tallinn, EstoniaMoscow Sheremetievo (SVO), Moscow, Russia
Tallinn Airport (TLL), Tallinn, EstoniaOslo Gardermoen (OSL), Oslo, Norway
Tallinn Airport (TLL), Tallinn, EstoniaCharles de Gaulle (CDG), Paris, France
Tallinn Airport (TLL), Tallinn, EstoniaRiga (RIX), Riga, Latvia
Tallinn Airport (TLL), Tallinn, EstoniaStockholm Arlanda (ARN), Stockholm, Sweden
Tallinn Airport (TLL), Tallinn, EstoniaVienna (VIE), Vienna, Austria
Tallinn Airport (TLL), Tallinn, EstoniaVilnius (VNO), Vilnius, Lithuania
Tallinn Airport (TLL), Tallinn, EstoniaMinsk International 2 Airport (MSQ), Minsk, Belarus
Tallinn Airport (TLL), Tallinn, EstoniaRiga (RIX), Riga, Latvia
TamperePirkkala (TMP), Tampere, FinlandRiga (RIX), Riga, Latvia
Berlin Tegel (TXL), Berlin, GermanyTallinn Airport (TLL), Tallinn, Estonia
Berlin Tegel (TXL), Berlin, GermanyVilnius (VNO), Vilnius, Lithuania
Berlin Tegel (TXL), Berlin, GermanyRiga (RIX), Riga, Latvia
Umeaa Airport (UME), Umea, SwedenRiga (RIX), Riga, Latvia
Vaasa Airport (VAA), Vaasa, FinlandVilnius (VNO), Vilnius, Lithuania
Vaasa Airport (VAA), Vaasa, FinlandRiga (RIX), Riga, Latvia
Marco Polo (VCE), Venice, ItalyRiga (RIX), Riga, Latvia
Vienna (VIE), Vienna, AustriaTallinn Airport (TLL), Tallinn, Estonia
Vienna (VIE), Vienna, AustriaHelsinki (HEL), Helsinki, Finland
Vienna (VIE), Vienna, AustriaRiga (RIX), Riga, Latvia
Vilnius (VNO), Vilnius, LithuaniaTallinn Airport (TLL), Tallinn, Estonia
Vilnius (VNO), Vilnius, LithuaniaAmsterdam Schiphol (AMS), Amsterdam, Netherlands
Vilnius (VNO), Vilnius, LithuaniaEleftherios Venizelos (ATH), Athens, Greece
Vilnius (VNO), Vilnius, LithuaniaBarcelona (BCN), Barcelona, Spain
Vilnius (VNO), Vilnius, LithuaniaBirmingham (BHX), Birmingham, United Kingdom
Vilnius (VNO), Vilnius, LithuaniaBerlin Tegel (TXL), Berlin, Germany
Vilnius (VNO), Vilnius, LithuaniaBologna (BLQ), Bologna, Italy
Vilnius (VNO), Vilnius, LithuaniaBrussels (BRU), Brussels, Belgium
Vilnius (VNO), Vilnius, LithuaniaChicago (ORD), Chicago IL, United States
Vilnius (VNO), Vilnius, LithuaniaCopenhagen (CPH), Copenhagen, Denmark
Vilnius (VNO), Vilnius, LithuaniaDublin (DUB), Dublin, Ireland
Vilnius (VNO), Vilnius, LithuaniaDusseldorf (DUS), Dusseldorf, Germany
Vilnius (VNO), Vilnius, LithuaniaGdansk (GDN), Gdansk, Poland
Vilnius (VNO), Vilnius, LithuaniaCointrin (GVA), Geneva, Switzerland
Vilnius (VNO), Vilnius, LithuaniaGothenburg (GOT), Gothenburg, Sweden
Vilnius (VNO), Vilnius, LithuaniaHamburg (HAM), Hamburg, Germany
Vilnius (VNO), Vilnius, LithuaniaHannover Langenhagen (HAJ), Hanover, Germany
Vilnius (VNO), Vilnius, LithuaniaKuopio Airport (KUO), Kuopio, Finland
Vilnius (VNO), Vilnius, LithuaniaLondon Gatwick (LGW), London, United Kingdom
Vilnius (VNO), Vilnius, LithuaniaBarajas (MAD), Madrid, Spain
Vilnius (VNO), Vilnius, LithuaniaManchester (MAN), Manchester, United Kingdom
Vilnius (VNO), Vilnius, LithuaniaMilan Malpensa (MXP), Milan, Italy
Vilnius (VNO), Vilnius, LithuaniaMunich (MUC), Munich, Germany
Vilnius (VNO), Vilnius, LithuaniaNew York Newark (EWR), Newark NJ, United States
Vilnius (VNO), Vilnius, LithuaniaOslo Gardermoen (OSL), Oslo, Norway
Vilnius (VNO), Vilnius, LithuaniaOulu Airport (OUL), Oulu, Finland
Vilnius (VNO), Vilnius, LithuaniaCharles de Gaulle (CDG), Paris, France
Vilnius (VNO), Vilnius, LithuaniaPico Island Airport (PIX), Pico Island, Portugal
Vilnius (VNO), Vilnius, LithuaniaRovaniemi Airport (RVN), Rovaniemi, Finland
Vilnius (VNO), Vilnius, LithuaniaSeattle/tacoma International Airport (SEA), Seattle WA, United States
Vilnius (VNO), Vilnius, LithuaniaSola Airport (SVG), Stavanger, Norway
Vilnius (VNO), Vilnius, LithuaniaStockholm Arlanda (ARN), Stockholm, Sweden
Vilnius (VNO), Vilnius, LithuaniaEchterdingen (STR), Stuttgart, Germany
Vilnius (VNO), Vilnius, LithuaniaTallinn Airport (TLL), Tallinn, Estonia
Vilnius (VNO), Vilnius, LithuaniaVaasa Airport (VAA), Vaasa, Finland
Vilnius (VNO), Vilnius, LithuaniaVienna (VIE), Vienna, Austria
Vilnius (VNO), Vilnius, LithuaniaWarsaw (WAW), Warsaw, Poland
Vilnius (VNO), Vilnius, LithuaniaZurich (ZRH), Zurich, Switzerland
Vilnius (VNO), Vilnius, LithuaniaHelsinki (HEL), Helsinki, Finland
Vilnius (VNO), Vilnius, LithuaniaRiga (RIX), Riga, Latvia
Vaxjo/urasa Airport (VXO), Vaxjo, SwedenRiga (RIX), Riga, Latvia
Warsaw (WAW), Warsaw, PolandVilnius (VNO), Vilnius, Lithuania
Warsaw (WAW), Warsaw, PolandRiga (RIX), Riga, Latvia
Strachowice Airport (WRO), Wroclaw, PolandRiga (RIX), Riga, Latvia
Zurich (ZRH), Zurich, SwitzerlandVilnius (VNO), Vilnius, Lithuania
Zurich (ZRH), Zurich, SwitzerlandRiga (RIX), Riga, Latvia
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